Sunday, September 30, 2007

too big...

for this little sink. we were in branson at our motel a few days ago. dad was taking a shower, and we needed baths too, but check-out time was coming up. so instead of waiting for dad to finish, we got sink baths! these are funner than your average bath. but not quite as comfortable. mom said i used to be able to fit in a sink like this. it is hard to even imagine being that little.

my sister fits, but i do not.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

new bed!

so lots of stuff has happened since i last updated you. we have all been very busy lately, and also sick. i threw up the other night and had a fever for a couple days, and a yucky throat. last night i woke up crying, and dad said that is when my fever broke. this morning i felt pretty great!

these are pictures of me with my new bed. i think it is pretty cool, to match my cool new room! mom and britney spent 87 hours putting it together for me, and also unpacking the rest of my toys and stuff.

also, it is a captain's bed. this makes me -you guessed it- The Captain.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

newer becomes new

so now we are officially moved into our newer house. "new house" is now "old house." and "newer house" is now "new house." i know it is all very confusing. maybe not as confusing as trying to walk around the place, though. there are boxes everywhere, and we all slept on living room floor last night. that was kinda fun, though. the floor is hard and makes a good sound when you stomp on it. mom loves that, because she has a headache.

oh! something else that makes good noise is my drum kit! my friends from church gave it to me a long time ago, but there was no room for it before. but now that i have my room all to myself (once the boxes clear out a little), there is room for my drums. yay!

dad and elisabeth put them together as a surprise for me, while i was visiting my cousins for a few days in oklahoma. their house was really super fun as usual, but the second night i woke up and thought i was lost.

as you can see, my room is fun colors, thanks to grandma and papa, and i have a plant!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

newer house

so yesterday, in the morning, we went to this office with chairs that mom kept telling me not to draw on or jump on or put my shoes on at all. mom and dad signed about 130 million papers, and then they told me we just bought newer house!

i have warmed up to the idea a little bit. i am dealing with it now by saying that i hate new house, and that i like newer house.

anyhow, after we signed all those papers, we went to red robin to celebrate. here i am trying to figure out how my dad can disconnect the top of his finger the way he does. it is magic, i guess.

then we drove down to newer house to make sure the keys they gave us were not decoys and to take some pictures. we crawled around on the floor, then we took a pretend nap on the floor, since there are no beds there yet. dad said the whole experience had made him tired. then we posed in front of the door for about 35 pictures. apparently it is a big deal.