Monday, April 20, 2009


did you know that garden tools are good for stabbing the dirt and attacking every tree? they are. you can't swing them around next to people, though, or you get in trouble.

the easter beagle came!

last sunday, we got to celebrate easter. we do that because a long time ago, Jesus died and then he came back alive. for some reason, we dye easter eggs too, and the easter beagle hides them. i heard him barking and running through the house after i woke up from my nap. my dad let him out the window, and he ran off before i could get a good look at him. easter was a good time. i got to find eggs four different times. i keep getting better at finding more eggs. next year, i'll be an expert.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


we got a wii a while ago, but we didn't have any really good games until the other day. there was a big sale at target, and so we got star wars force unleashed, mario party8, and wii music. i LOVE those games. in force unleashed, you get to have lightsaber duels. it is pretty much a good time. i beat my mom, and i beat amber too. amber is staying with us while she has some job interviews. and amber and i made some awesome jams together on wii music. that is our album cover, with our miis on it, and there is a picture of us dancing and playing our instruments, too. mario party might be my favorite, but i get kind of cranky when i can't win first place. second place is not good enough.