Sunday, October 21, 2007

copster lost his body.

so. if you will remember, i got three fish last year, in the summer. i named them nemo, and packter, and copster. i never told you all this, but nemo and packter did not live very long, and they went to be with Jesus. but copster just kept living and living and living. even after he started being mostly upside-down, he still lived for a long, long time. i think he spent the last 6 months upside down. we kept thinking something was wrong with him, but he kept on living.

yesterday morning, my dad came and said, "sam, i need to show you something, and you might be a little sad." he brought me into the living room and showed me copster, upside-down at the top, instead of on the bottom under the shark or a plant, like usual. he told me that copster went to heaven like packter and nemo did. i asked dad if that meant he lost his body, and he said yes. i told mommy when she got home that copster's eyes died. like optimus prime.

so we buried him, by flushing him down the toilet that takes him all the way out into the ocean and then up in the sky to heaven. daddy kept asking me if i was sad, and i was. but now i am really only a little bit sad, because heaven sounds like a good place.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


so i got a splinter in my hand, playing outside with my pappy. that is a picture of my bandaids from the splinter.

then i went home from grandma and pappy's house, and i got a big old canker sore in my mouth.

i am an ouchie-magnet lately. i try to be brave, but it hurts to eat with a giant sore on my lip. i prayed that God would make it better. he is, but i guess he takes a little while sometimes, to heal things up.

speaking of God, i told mom that he was angry at her for calling some lady an idiot in the parking lot at wal mart. the lady did not hear us, as she was in a different car. but God did. and he was angry. but she told him she was sorry, and he forgave her. God is nice like that.

on a more serious note, i have also been praying for my cousin daniel. he has something wrong in his belly. we do not know what for sure, yet, but we will hopefully find out soon. he is 3 like me.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

we have been busy.

so we are still unpacking and decorating our new house, so it looks more like our house and less like just any old house. my room has pac man stuff all over the place, and also my name above my door. and a glowy frog head night light thing. and some dinosaurs that jess really liked. and lots of other very cool stuff. today a bunch of friends came over after church, and i got to show them my room and my yard. don and i sat together and played world of warcraft. amber and i rocked out some on the drums, and it was a good time.

it is not all play, though. we had to get ready for people to come over, and i have been helping a lot. britney and i put our chairs together for the new table. i got to use an allen wrench and a power drill. i am pretty good at that. later, my sister and i were installing some quarter round under the desk.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


so i thought i would show you all some pictures from when we went to silver dollar city last week.

i was super duper brave and decided to ride fire in the hole. it has three really big hills that you go down, and on the last one, they yell, "Fire in the Hole!" my plan was to be a power ranger with super powers, so that it would not be scary, but once we got on the ride, i kind of forgot and tried to crawl into my dad's armpit. i guess the ride took my power away, but then i got it back later! there is a picture of me in front of the fire in the hole sign, pretending to be scared. i am tall enough to ride it by myself, but i kind of doubt i will do that for a while.

i also rode the ladybugs and the butterflies and the elephants, and if you will notice on the butterfly picture, i like to make my butterfly go as high in the air as possible. on the flooded mine, i got lots more points on the targets than mom, because she said she is not a very good shot. but my dad always beats all of us.

that brown thing is a corn dog.

the place was decorated like fall, with pumpkins and stuff. oh, and i got to pet a mule! he moved and made my finger touch his eyeball, which i thought was pretty funny.