Sunday, October 21, 2007

copster lost his body.

so. if you will remember, i got three fish last year, in the summer. i named them nemo, and packter, and copster. i never told you all this, but nemo and packter did not live very long, and they went to be with Jesus. but copster just kept living and living and living. even after he started being mostly upside-down, he still lived for a long, long time. i think he spent the last 6 months upside down. we kept thinking something was wrong with him, but he kept on living.

yesterday morning, my dad came and said, "sam, i need to show you something, and you might be a little sad." he brought me into the living room and showed me copster, upside-down at the top, instead of on the bottom under the shark or a plant, like usual. he told me that copster went to heaven like packter and nemo did. i asked dad if that meant he lost his body, and he said yes. i told mommy when she got home that copster's eyes died. like optimus prime.

so we buried him, by flushing him down the toilet that takes him all the way out into the ocean and then up in the sky to heaven. daddy kept asking me if i was sad, and i was. but now i am really only a little bit sad, because heaven sounds like a good place.

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