Tuesday, October 16, 2007


so i got a splinter in my hand, playing outside with my pappy. that is a picture of my bandaids from the splinter.

then i went home from grandma and pappy's house, and i got a big old canker sore in my mouth.

i am an ouchie-magnet lately. i try to be brave, but it hurts to eat with a giant sore on my lip. i prayed that God would make it better. he is, but i guess he takes a little while sometimes, to heal things up.

speaking of God, i told mom that he was angry at her for calling some lady an idiot in the parking lot at wal mart. the lady did not hear us, as she was in a different car. but God did. and he was angry. but she told him she was sorry, and he forgave her. God is nice like that.

on a more serious note, i have also been praying for my cousin daniel. he has something wrong in his belly. we do not know what for sure, yet, but we will hopefully find out soon. he is 3 like me.

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