Thursday, October 04, 2007


so i thought i would show you all some pictures from when we went to silver dollar city last week.

i was super duper brave and decided to ride fire in the hole. it has three really big hills that you go down, and on the last one, they yell, "Fire in the Hole!" my plan was to be a power ranger with super powers, so that it would not be scary, but once we got on the ride, i kind of forgot and tried to crawl into my dad's armpit. i guess the ride took my power away, but then i got it back later! there is a picture of me in front of the fire in the hole sign, pretending to be scared. i am tall enough to ride it by myself, but i kind of doubt i will do that for a while.

i also rode the ladybugs and the butterflies and the elephants, and if you will notice on the butterfly picture, i like to make my butterfly go as high in the air as possible. on the flooded mine, i got lots more points on the targets than mom, because she said she is not a very good shot. but my dad always beats all of us.

that brown thing is a corn dog.

the place was decorated like fall, with pumpkins and stuff. oh, and i got to pet a mule! he moved and made my finger touch his eyeball, which i thought was pretty funny.

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Olivia Michal said...

Dear Sam,
Don't worry! My dad is still to scared to ride roller coasters....even if my mom is there with him and he's much bigger than you!