Sunday, October 07, 2007

we have been busy.

so we are still unpacking and decorating our new house, so it looks more like our house and less like just any old house. my room has pac man stuff all over the place, and also my name above my door. and a glowy frog head night light thing. and some dinosaurs that jess really liked. and lots of other very cool stuff. today a bunch of friends came over after church, and i got to show them my room and my yard. don and i sat together and played world of warcraft. amber and i rocked out some on the drums, and it was a good time.

it is not all play, though. we had to get ready for people to come over, and i have been helping a lot. britney and i put our chairs together for the new table. i got to use an allen wrench and a power drill. i am pretty good at that. later, my sister and i were installing some quarter round under the desk.

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