Friday, December 28, 2007

fun with cousins, merry christmas, etc.

it was Christmas a few days ago! we have had a pretty good Christmas.

i got to be in the Christmas program at church, which was pretty fun. "We wish you a Merry Christmas" was definitely my specialty, as it was the only song i really knew the words to. mom and dad were super excited that i sat there and was quiet the rest of the time. i do not know what gave them the idea that i would not be.

we went to my grandpa's house the weekend before Christmas. he is pretty fun. santa sent a letter for me at the post office where he works, so i opened it and read it to everyone. i thought that was pretty neat! it had my name on it, and a stamp, and everything. we watched some westerns, and he let me borrow his UK can cozy. we clinked cans and said "mazal tov!" do not worry; that is just sprite in there. then, we had a duel! i gut shot grandpa. he just was not as fast as me on the draw. you can see him in the background, clutching his gut. while we were there, we went to visit our friends donna and ed. they have a cool globe, and also a magnifying glass. donna was really impressed that i read "union of soviet socialist republics" off the globe, but i really read it as "onion," which made everyone kind of laugh.

the we came home, and there was a gigantic box on the front porch. it was a box of presents from my aunt michelle and uncle jeff! they sent me a big thing of tracks for hot wheels, and a bunch of cars. i supervised while dad put it together. then we crashed the cars into each other!

then the next day, we went to grandma and pappy's house. my cousins came over on Christmas Eve, and we opened presents and played played played! we took turns being good guys and bad guys. even elisabeth played!

on Christmas morning, mom and dad and elisabeth and i opened our presents to each other. betty is getting much better at the opening. she is also a bit of a thief. if you do not share that apple with her willingly, she will just come up and bite it anyway.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

peanut butter and jelly

after eating the 1,425th peanut butter and jelly sandwich of my life, i had the following conversation with my mom:

me: i don't like peanut butter and jelly.

mom: what?!? i thought you loved peanut butter and jelly!

me: i like the jelly, but i do not like that butter.

mom: why not?

me: it tastes like monkeys.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

isn't that great?!?

so, i find homestar runner pretty inspiring.

it makes my mom laugh when i tell a weird story like this one:

"a monkey fell out of the sky and crashed onto a car. isn't that great?!?"

i got that catchphrase from this masterpiece. saddy dumpington is pretty funny!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas came early?

in my defense, nobody told me i could not open the presents under the tree yet.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

my cousin becky

here's a few pictures of becky and i from last week, at grandma and pappy's. we crack each other up.

silver dollar city!

the other day, we went to silver dollar city. dad says it is the last time in a while, probably, since next year we would have to buy 2 season passes, instead of just 1, because i am 4 now. the nice lady let me in for free anyway, because my birthday was monday, and we went on thursday.

it was a good time! the lights were really pretty. i did not ride fire in the hole this time; i just was not feeling it. i did ride the balloons, though, and they were a little bit scary. and of course, the elephants, and the frogs, and the ladybugs. elisabeth even got to ride the butterflies!

it was cold!

Monday, November 26, 2007

happy birthday to me!

as trevor mentioned, today is my real, actual birthday. november 26. i am four, and next year, i will be five, then six, then seven, then eight... you get the picture. and eventually, i will be 19, and that is old.

i got transformers and transformer underwear and spiderman underwear and skittles for my birthday, this morning.

then, this afternoon we went to chuck e. cheese!

we rode rides and played games and danced. it is a pretty fun place. i got a birthday crown, because i am the king!

then we went and got a christmas tree at hobby lobby! we will decorate soon. i will keep you posted!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

birthdays, take two!

over the weekend, we went to oklahoma to see my grandma and pappy and nany and great grandma and great uncle and uncle and aunt and 5 cousins. it was a house-full, and we all had a great time. even the cousin who vomited. as you can see, it is a bit difficult to get a good picture of the seven of us.

elisabeth and i celebrated our birthdays again, and we got a lot of neat presents. i got a transformers outfit and a transformers computer thingie, and some hotwheels, and a sit-n-spin. and mom made my cake out of dirt. she told me later it was actually oreos. if she had told me that at the beginning i might have actually eaten some of it the first time around. you can see here that i wasn't very excited about eating a dirt cake.

it was pappy's birthday too, and he had about a million candles. we had to help him blow them all out. we got him a deal or no deal game for the tv, and i won more money than anyone.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

turkey and cake

today we drove down to see my grandma and papa and uncle chris for thanksgiving.

since i was born so close to thanksgiving (i was born the day before, in '03), we always celebrate my birthday when we do thanksgiving. and now that my sister's birthday is also so close to thanksgiving, we celebrate both of ours this day. first we eat gigantic plates full of turkey and other things, and we take naps, and then we eat cake!

i made the rolls for thanksgiving dinner this year, and they tasted really good. everyone said so. it is a tradition now, since i helped make them last year too.

i got a lot of neat presents, including a rocking chair and a remote control car and a finding nemo alarm clock. mom and dad said the clock went off in the trunk for about the last 5 minutes of our trip home, but i did not hear it. i was asleep. this might make us all question the usefulness of the alarm clock later on, when i actually have things i will need to wake up for at certain times. but! it is still really cool.

our cakes were really cookies. elisabeth had hearts with circles. i had a dinosaur! we had candles with our numbers on them, and when you put the cakes next to each other, it said we are 14.

elisabeth and i also got some balloons, but we accidentally let betty's escape on our way out to the car. i hate when that happens. i cried and cried. i cried so much, it felt like " a circle of blood was coming over my eyes." mom and dad explained that that is a sinusy headache that you get when you cry too much.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


mom and amber made this box for me with little monsters in it. my picture is in there with them, and they are yelling my name!

it is for me, and it is really good! that is how i feel about it, anyway.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

snakes and other fun things.

so the other day i was watching this movie with my friend Jess. she is the one who likes dinosaurs. anyway, in the movie, a guy cut a snake's head off, and there was blood coming out. and Jess was really scared. she did not want to watch it because it was super gross! you should never cut a snake's head off. it will grow back, and he will bite you. mom laughed when i told her that, but she better be careful.

my dad finally got back from all his trips, and i am glad he is back. it is more fun around here when he is here too. mom had a headache and so i had to be quiet all the time. he brought me a really super cool matchbox bus with mickey mouse on it! and some cookies shaped like mickey and donald and goofy's heads. i shared them with my sister. dad said he did not actually go to disney world, just to orlando, because he would never go to disney world without me.

also i went to my cousins' house while my dad was in dallas, before he went to orlando. they are fun! i get to ride the four wheelers. i did not even crash into a tree this time.

also i got my hair cut, and mom said it makes me look old. i am not old, i am just three. nineteen is old.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

everyone loves my stories lately!

here is an example.

this is a story about a cat named "your own poop."

your own poop did all kinds of things. he danced around. he ate stuff. he howled at the moon.

one day he met a super big gigantic cat named "buttocks."

buttocks looked like he might be a parent.

you know why?

because he pooped!

Monday, November 05, 2007

who is the tooth fairy?

so, halloween was on wednesday, and then the next day i went to the dentist. do not worry, kids, the candy did not rot my tooth overnight. this has been happening for a long time.

a while ago, my tooth chipped. and then it was hurting a lot. so mom took me to see dr. ward, and he said that a cavity made my tooth chip like that. and we made an appointment to come back in december and get a filling. but last week it really started hurting, and mom called, and they got me in to see dr. ward again, and he said that he would have to pull the tooth out. the weird thing is that all the other teeth look just fine. just that front one was rotting and yucky, so there must have been something wrong with it when it came in.

they made me eat some weird medicine and then gave me a "spongebob nose" to wear while dr. ward looked at my mouth. before i knew it, it was all over, and they said i did a super good job.

i got to leave the tooth in a little box for the tooth fairy. she came while i was taking my nap and left me a little bag with some coins in it, including a half dollar (my favorite) and a mexican coin! and also a letter with her picture on it. i think she is actually the lady at dr. ward's office.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


the other day was halloween! i wanted to be batman, and so i was batman. i almost wanted to be a power ranger or a ninja turtle or a skeleton, but then i decided batman. my friend zane was batman also! but he looked different. durko said zane looked like movie era batman, and i looked like golden era batman.

anyway, on halloween this year, we went to church and got candy out of people's cars. that was pretty fun. i went around twice! i got a whole entire pumpkin bag full of candy, and it was really heavy. i still have a lot of it, because my mom and dad will not let me eat it all.

dad dressed up like cakey, and elisabeth dressed up like daddy. mom did not dress up, but she wore a weird hat.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

copster lost his body.

so. if you will remember, i got three fish last year, in the summer. i named them nemo, and packter, and copster. i never told you all this, but nemo and packter did not live very long, and they went to be with Jesus. but copster just kept living and living and living. even after he started being mostly upside-down, he still lived for a long, long time. i think he spent the last 6 months upside down. we kept thinking something was wrong with him, but he kept on living.

yesterday morning, my dad came and said, "sam, i need to show you something, and you might be a little sad." he brought me into the living room and showed me copster, upside-down at the top, instead of on the bottom under the shark or a plant, like usual. he told me that copster went to heaven like packter and nemo did. i asked dad if that meant he lost his body, and he said yes. i told mommy when she got home that copster's eyes died. like optimus prime.

so we buried him, by flushing him down the toilet that takes him all the way out into the ocean and then up in the sky to heaven. daddy kept asking me if i was sad, and i was. but now i am really only a little bit sad, because heaven sounds like a good place.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


so i got a splinter in my hand, playing outside with my pappy. that is a picture of my bandaids from the splinter.

then i went home from grandma and pappy's house, and i got a big old canker sore in my mouth.

i am an ouchie-magnet lately. i try to be brave, but it hurts to eat with a giant sore on my lip. i prayed that God would make it better. he is, but i guess he takes a little while sometimes, to heal things up.

speaking of God, i told mom that he was angry at her for calling some lady an idiot in the parking lot at wal mart. the lady did not hear us, as she was in a different car. but God did. and he was angry. but she told him she was sorry, and he forgave her. God is nice like that.

on a more serious note, i have also been praying for my cousin daniel. he has something wrong in his belly. we do not know what for sure, yet, but we will hopefully find out soon. he is 3 like me.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

we have been busy.

so we are still unpacking and decorating our new house, so it looks more like our house and less like just any old house. my room has pac man stuff all over the place, and also my name above my door. and a glowy frog head night light thing. and some dinosaurs that jess really liked. and lots of other very cool stuff. today a bunch of friends came over after church, and i got to show them my room and my yard. don and i sat together and played world of warcraft. amber and i rocked out some on the drums, and it was a good time.

it is not all play, though. we had to get ready for people to come over, and i have been helping a lot. britney and i put our chairs together for the new table. i got to use an allen wrench and a power drill. i am pretty good at that. later, my sister and i were installing some quarter round under the desk.