Sunday, November 18, 2007

snakes and other fun things.

so the other day i was watching this movie with my friend Jess. she is the one who likes dinosaurs. anyway, in the movie, a guy cut a snake's head off, and there was blood coming out. and Jess was really scared. she did not want to watch it because it was super gross! you should never cut a snake's head off. it will grow back, and he will bite you. mom laughed when i told her that, but she better be careful.

my dad finally got back from all his trips, and i am glad he is back. it is more fun around here when he is here too. mom had a headache and so i had to be quiet all the time. he brought me a really super cool matchbox bus with mickey mouse on it! and some cookies shaped like mickey and donald and goofy's heads. i shared them with my sister. dad said he did not actually go to disney world, just to orlando, because he would never go to disney world without me.

also i went to my cousins' house while my dad was in dallas, before he went to orlando. they are fun! i get to ride the four wheelers. i did not even crash into a tree this time.

also i got my hair cut, and mom said it makes me look old. i am not old, i am just three. nineteen is old.

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