Monday, November 05, 2007

who is the tooth fairy?

so, halloween was on wednesday, and then the next day i went to the dentist. do not worry, kids, the candy did not rot my tooth overnight. this has been happening for a long time.

a while ago, my tooth chipped. and then it was hurting a lot. so mom took me to see dr. ward, and he said that a cavity made my tooth chip like that. and we made an appointment to come back in december and get a filling. but last week it really started hurting, and mom called, and they got me in to see dr. ward again, and he said that he would have to pull the tooth out. the weird thing is that all the other teeth look just fine. just that front one was rotting and yucky, so there must have been something wrong with it when it came in.

they made me eat some weird medicine and then gave me a "spongebob nose" to wear while dr. ward looked at my mouth. before i knew it, it was all over, and they said i did a super good job.

i got to leave the tooth in a little box for the tooth fairy. she came while i was taking my nap and left me a little bag with some coins in it, including a half dollar (my favorite) and a mexican coin! and also a letter with her picture on it. i think she is actually the lady at dr. ward's office.

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