Thursday, November 22, 2007

turkey and cake

today we drove down to see my grandma and papa and uncle chris for thanksgiving.

since i was born so close to thanksgiving (i was born the day before, in '03), we always celebrate my birthday when we do thanksgiving. and now that my sister's birthday is also so close to thanksgiving, we celebrate both of ours this day. first we eat gigantic plates full of turkey and other things, and we take naps, and then we eat cake!

i made the rolls for thanksgiving dinner this year, and they tasted really good. everyone said so. it is a tradition now, since i helped make them last year too.

i got a lot of neat presents, including a rocking chair and a remote control car and a finding nemo alarm clock. mom and dad said the clock went off in the trunk for about the last 5 minutes of our trip home, but i did not hear it. i was asleep. this might make us all question the usefulness of the alarm clock later on, when i actually have things i will need to wake up for at certain times. but! it is still really cool.

our cakes were really cookies. elisabeth had hearts with circles. i had a dinosaur! we had candles with our numbers on them, and when you put the cakes next to each other, it said we are 14.

elisabeth and i also got some balloons, but we accidentally let betty's escape on our way out to the car. i hate when that happens. i cried and cried. i cried so much, it felt like " a circle of blood was coming over my eyes." mom and dad explained that that is a sinusy headache that you get when you cry too much.

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