Monday, March 26, 2007

Adventure Stop #2: Misty and Larry!

next, we went and stayed at larry and misty's house, while mom learned how to make a quilt for elisabeth.

i liked to run down the sidewalk behind their house and do interpretive dances for my sister, for the dogs, and for whatever else they could think of. here is a picture of me really getting into it.

we also went to family park while we were in town, and i climbed the monkey bars!

they have dogs that are super fun, named abby and pearl. pearl is sugar's sister! i told you about sugar a while back. she is the dog that lives at my grandma and papa's house that you do not hold by the neck. i learned that with pearl, you can not kick her in the head. or you go to time out, and time out is no fun. there are a lot of rules with dogs! but they are really fun to run around with. even though i got in trouble with misty, she is one of my favorite friends!

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