Monday, March 26, 2007

last week

this past week my dad went down to mississippi because his job was there. he was building houses for people who did not have houses anymore because of a hurricane. my dad told me he would be back in seven days.

instead of staying around the house being sad and missing dad, mom and elisabeth and i decided to take some road trip adventures!

we had a really fun time, but i asked about my dad 873 times, at least. i missed him a whole lot, and i even pretended to call him one time on the phone and demand that he come back. he said he never wants to be away from all of us that long again, but i think he had a good time too.

anyway, here are some stories and pictures from our journey!

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Anonymous said...

sam- i absolutely LOVED hearing about your trip! I bet it was a good time for all, especially your grandpa in hot springs :) you sure are getting to be a big boy---i love your dance on the boat!---katy