Wednesday, June 06, 2007

softball and fun

tonight dad and elisabeth and i went to see my mom play softball. this was the first time we got to go, because usually there is Bible study on wednesdays. it was fun!

first we went by sonic and got some corn dogs. dad says if you are going to watch a ballgame, it is good to have a good corn dog or hot dog or something.

then we went to the field, and mom was already there. i yelled stuff like, "You better catch that ball, mommy!" and "you can do it, mommy, you are the winner!" and she was. the score was 6-4, but by the time it was over i mostly just wanted to walk around or lay on the ground. she said i was a good cheerer though, because she could hear me all the way at first base.

here is a picture of me that dad took with the cell phone. i am swinging my corn dog like mom swings the bat!

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