Saturday, May 26, 2007

i am 3.5!

mom and dad say that today is my three and a half birthday. i am not sure what that means, exactly, but i do know that you do not really get presents. bummer.

last week we went to indiana, and it was a good time! i acted like megaman a whole lot, and i played with some girls, and i played in a creek, and i rode in the car for a looooooooong time. elisabeth hates the car, but i do not mind it. you get to read books and play with toys and eat a lot of mcdonalds. you can pretend like you are moe, while dad is curly and elisabeth is shemp, and mom is larry. mom and betty do not play along very well, though. you can listen to strongbad and brak on the radio, and also some band called BNL. you can also draw on the door of the car with a marker, but only if you really just want to get in trouble.

here are some pictures! i really liked throwing rocks in the creek, next to the waterfall. i was not real keen on getting the water on my head, though, so i was pretty careful. in the chair, i am being megaman. oh, and elisabeth hates the grass.

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