Thursday, November 30, 2006

speaking of birthdays...

the day after my birthday, my baby sister was finally born! it sure took her a long time to finally decide to get out of there. she sleeps a whole lot right now, but pretty soon i am going to teach her how to play mega man.

here is a picture of her being silly. she likes to sleep like that, with her hands way up over her head and her hat pulled down over one eye. mom said i did too.

i will get a picture of the two of us together, as soon as mom washes the throw up off of my Best Brother Ever tshirt, so i can wear that. (i got sick last night, but i feel much better now.)


Anonymous said...

sam----your little sister is so cute!!! i can't wait to meet her, as well as my little niece! can you believe it? i hope you had a great birthday and don't go hitting anyone with your new bat :)

Anonymous said...

I use to sleep like that too. Before I came home from the hospital I had one arm up everytime. Man did it feel good to get out of that belly! Now I like to be swaddled again, I kinda missed that super tight place. I like the gansta' look with her hat!

I really like the picture of Elisabeth. I really like her blanket. I'm sad I haven't met her yet. It's cuz someone hit our car and Mommy won't drive it with me in it. Good thing cuz it just got freezin outside!

Happy big brotherhood Sam. I can't wait to meet your sister (you can still call me sister if you want to, no one else does).
-Love, Ivy Kate

RHONDA said...

sam- I have a simliar picture of you when you were born. I will send it to you mommm'e email. Congrats on the cute lil sister!

kt said...

Oh wow, Sam that is so exciting. I'm happy for your family! Happy belated three year birthday, dawg. lol. kt