Wednesday, November 05, 2008

updates on life

i have an invisible brother named thomas. tonight i took some pictures of him, but i did not upload them yet. chances are, you would not be able to see him anyway.

today at school, isabelle bit me. mom asked if i bit her back, and i said that no, i used my words and told ms. charlotte. i only cried a little bit. i have a bruise and everything!

my favorite movie ever is spiderman 3. we are going to get spiderman 1 from netflix in about a week, once my mom finally returns juno. i will tell you if i like it or not.

i was the black spiderman for halloween. i got tired of wearing the mask really quick, because it made my head super sweaty. i walked around and got a little bit of candy, and then i just wanted to play. i think my dad was sad that i did not get more candy. my sister was a dog, and my dad was a clown ape, and my mom was my dad. apparently my family is kind of weird.
then that night after trunk or treat, we drove down to my grandma and papa's house, and my mom had a craft show the next day. we went to see her, and there were guys with swords outside, showing us their moves. and also, there was a guy inside playing music, and he let a bunch of kids play along with him. that was a really good time.

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