Monday, November 24, 2008

thankful for God

the other day, my mom and betty picked me up from school. mom said, "it is probably the last nice day of the fall (it turns out, it was), so we should go do something fun." we grabbed the camera and some snacks and drove down to devils den. i asked mom why it is called that, and she said that one of the caves is called devil's den. i wonder if the devil lives in there. we didn't find out.

anyway, we had a good time. i tried to get this guy's axe, but it turns out, it was stuck to him.

then we went and threw a bunch of rocks in the water. i liked to throw the gigantic ones in there. i am pretty strong.

and also weird and can make good faces. mom told me to make a silly face, so i made about seven hundred of them.

then betty got wet, and mom said it was time to not be by the water anymore. she ate some mud and found out that it does not taste very good. i do not eat mud or boogers. a girl in my class eats her boogers.

then we pretended to be cats and pretended to be in jail and pretended to sleep and rolled down the sidewalk. by that time it was dark, and so we loaded up and headed home.

on the way home, the moon came up, and it was round and orange. ahead of us was a full moon, and behind us was a neat sunset. mom kept saying how pretty that was, and i said that it sure was pretty. and that it must be because it is almost thanksgiving.
then we had this conversation:
mom: "sam, what are you thankful for?"
me: "God."
mom: "that's a good thing to be thankful for."
me: "hey betty, are you thankful for God?"
elisabeth: "yeah."

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