Sunday, November 30, 2008


today, it was time to get Christmas decorations out!

first, we painted some candy cane ornaments for this year. i asked if we had real candy canes to eat, but mom said we don't have any yet.

i climbed up in the ceiling with mom, and i was really brave and not that scared, unless i looked down. i helped get the boxes down, and then i helped put all the ornaments on the tree. there's a thing with ornaments and lights on it above my door to my room now, too!

i'm a good helper, since i'm 5 now. elisabeth didn't really help. she pretended to talk on a santa claus ornament phone. dad helped, when he wasn't busy making weird faces in the backgrounds of all the pictures.

here's an off-subject question for you: is God made of a bunch of eyeballs, since he can see everything? i asked that today, but mom didn't really answer. i thought maybe you would know.

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