Friday, November 28, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

so, thanksgiving gets all mixed up with my birthday and my sister's birthday around here. thanksgiving was her birthday, and the day before was my birthday. next year, my birthday will be thanksgiving, and hers will be the day after. see, it's kind of confusing.

we woke up on thanksgiving morning, and i played my new nintendo ds (hooray for birthdays!) while sort of watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade. i was mostly just humoring mom instead of watching it, but i did see a cool spongebob balloon, and garfield.

then i put on my indian vest and headdress that i made in my class. i did a rain dance and lots of poses, to celebrate my 1/64th of choctaw heritage. i refused to put my nintendo ds pen down while i was dancing.
then we went to my grandma and papa's house, where there was more cake and some cool balloons, and of course a lot of thanksgiving food. i helped grandma make the crescent rolls, like i do every year. the cake and pie and rolls were good, but i'm not a big fan of the casseroles and stuffing and all that. my mom made my cake with strawberries in it, and covered in whipped cream, just like i wanted!

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Sara said...

So we will have the same sister/brother birthday/Thanksgiving mix up here, too, next year! Also, we did not understand why Mom made us watch that parade instead of letting us watch Sesame Street like normal. Dad gave up and finally watched the football game and just flipped back so we could see Santa. That's all we really cared about.