Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween!

so this is kind of a weird holiday! you dress up like something and beg for candy. i can not complain, though, because i got to be pac man twice, and i got to get lots of good candies to eat.

we went to a party at the church on sunday and also to the big outside mall tonight. there was a costume contest, and nobody could beat macaroni and cheese girl. mom says you do not have to win to be the coolest, though.

here is a picture of me talking to the lady from tv for the contest. she asked lots of silly questions, like if i was pac man. i thought it was obvious!

there is another picture of me just in my costume.

the other picture is some pac mans that i drew. the one with the hat is junior pac man, and there are some little regular pac mans, and the rest are ghost monsters. i think they look neat with teeth!


Anonymous said...

sam...I am totally impressed with your art! That is so good for a 2 year old...how creative you are and detailed. I love your pac man costume- I wish I could have seen it! Your new baby sister will be here soon, how exciting!

Addie said...

Sam, thanks for coming over to play. I think you are so creative to be drawing cool pictures and think it is super fun that you signed my Dora stove. I can't make letters yet. btw...I love your costume!

kt said...

Sam you are a great artist! You are so talented. Did you tell your mom that I woke her up the other morning? It was kind of funny but sad too, for her. I love your costume.