Friday, December 08, 2006

let me tell you a story.

i tried to go through the tunnel, but i could not, because there was a cow in the tunnel. i smacked the cow, and he was so sad. i spanked him, and i locked the door. he was a mean cow. but the baby cow was nice. i gave him a hug. the end.

i told this story to mom and dad at Monte Ne, where we went to eat chicken and green beans and bread and corn. they did not really understand, even though i repeated it several times. they thought maybe i dreamed that, but really i just like to make up stories.


kt said...

that is funny sam! What an original storyteller! I'm reading a book called Flabbergasted right now (in lieu of studying for me georaphy final) and it is funny too. Wow you ahve posted a lot- I have been forgetting to check up on you. I like Elisabeth's blog but I can't post! bummer. wEll ttyl

Anonymous said...

hey sam! that is a great story. you are such an intelligent kid for only 3! i can't wait to hear another story. did you like monte ne? i have been there...they have good soup!---katy

Amanda Kay said...

I liked that story even the first time I heard it last weekend. Pictures from your very first trip to Silver Dollar City should be done Saturday so I can e-mail them to one of your parents. Not sure how I'll get you the hard copies, though. Continue your good story telling. I bet Elizabeth likes them even if she doesn't know how to tell you yet.