Sunday, December 17, 2006

nose eater

my sister is wearing my hungry caterpillar shirt! i was super little like her one time, and i could fit in this. i do not really remember that, though. i think she is hungry in this picture, since she is trying to eat my nose. you have to be real careful with her head, since it is decilate. that means soft.

also, baths really are a good time. you should not wear your clothes in the bathtub, or they get super wet. i like to take my shirt off like this, because it makes mom laugh. she called me "bathholio," but i do not know what she is talking about.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! I love bathholio! That reminds me of my brother Bill- he would pretend he was cornholio! What funny boys :) You are a great big brother, keep it up!