Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry Christmas eve!

Christmas is a good time. me and my sister got new stripey pajamas, and we went to grandma and pappy and nany's house! i keep hearing stuff about presents and surprises, but i am not sure when we will get them. all i know is there is candy and cookies all around that i am not supposed to eat instead of dinner, even though they taste better. there are also mysterious gifts in bags downstairs, and also around the tree upstairs. apparently it is not nice to step on the presents.

it is also not nice to lick your sister on the forehead. who knew?

anyway, i hope you have a merry christmas. i plan to.


Anonymous said...

hey sam! merry christmas to you too! i love the pj's. you and elisabeth are too cute in them, and don't worry about licking her head. my dog licked abby's head too! love, katy

ktd said...

lol cute pic