Sunday, December 03, 2006


it is fun to have a baby sister, but you have to be real quiet kind of a lot. she still sleeps a lot and shows no interest in video games. we must remedy this soon.
she did look at mr. potato head for a while today, though. it is a step in the right direction.

here is a picture of us! my best brother tshirt is still being de-stained, so you will have to look at the orange one instead. it has frogs on it!


Anonymous said...

SAM! Happy Birthday, a little late. Congratulations on your new baby sister, she is a cutie! That is so funny how you both slept-sleep! I hope you and she stay healthy and have lots of fun together! Shelly

Anonymous said...

hey sam---it was great to see you the other day! i know you didn't really remember me, but it's ok! your baby sister is soooo cute- i can't wait for her to meet my niece :)---katy