Saturday, February 04, 2006


so there have been some people who have written on my blog lately. most of them are friends of mine, and i am always real excited to read what they have to say. i apologize that i do not really ever respond to your comments on here, and i want you to know that i love you more for writing to me. please keep it up!

there are some other people who write on here, who i do not know. they all say the same thing, about how they like my blog, and i might like their blog too. let me tell you, that is a lie! never believe it when someone says something like, "you might find my blog inquisitive," and then they put a place where you can click it and it goes to their blog. it is never inquisitive! it is only stupid! never click those! to save you from wanting to click on those blogs and go there and be sad and not inquisitated, i made it where you have to type some letters that you see, in order to post here. it is very exciting, because i think it is a secret language! i have heard that the people with the inquisitive blogs do not know how to type the secret language! anyway, please keep writing and reading and posting. next time i see you, i will give you a good tickling, followed by some shrieky laughter!


Anonymous said...

sam- i agree about the lies! they are not nice...i love to hear what you have to say though, and i really like your blog! keep talking :)---katy

Brandon said...

Sam, I love your blog. I thought you might like mine too. Check it out sometime and let me know what you think!


shelly said...

Sam, you are the cutest/funniest/nicest guy I know, I think we should date 16 years, I know there's an age difference, but hey Mary and Joseph worked out ok didn't they? Not to mention Tom and Katie,lol. So anyway, discuss it with the parents, and tell your mom I hope she is liking her new job!

Anonymous said...

Do you know Brandon? I liked this post. Ew, Sam, don't listen to Shelly. You don't want to date her.. EVER. ~kt