Sunday, February 12, 2006


i have five cousins. three are older than i am, and two are younger. having cousins is really a good time. i got to see mine this weekend because it is daniel's birthday; he is 2! i remember when i turned two, and it was a lot of fun!
the thing is, i am not really that used to being around other kids, and it kind of surpises me when life does not really revolve around me. i am trying to learn how to deal with this, but it is really hard. what do you do, for instance, when daniel steals your toy that you are playing with? you love him, but you are mad at him. it is not like other random kids that you do not really know, and you would not mind hitting. i had a little bit of internal conflict, and i decided to hit him anyway. i mostly was just playing around, though, when i chased him through the house with those big plastic spoons, whacking him on the head. mostly.

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