Wednesday, March 08, 2006

save larry!

okay! so i feel like i am getting some mixed messages in life.

eat your vegetables.

watch your vegetables sing and dance and teach you life lessons on television.

we are sitting in red lobster, nany and daddy and me, because i really really want shrimp for lunch. for some reason, with the shrimp, they give me sliced up cucumbers with ranch dip!! i am horrified. dad says, "sam, eat your cucumbers." all i can do is sit there and look disturbed, because i am. dad asks me, "sam, why don't you want to eat your cucumbers?"


it takes a minute, but dad realizes that i am talking about bob the tomato. best friend of larry, the cucumber, from veggie tales. no, daddy, i will not dip sliced up pieces of bob's best friend larry in ranch sauce and eat them.


lt said...

Are you kidding me? Did Sam-excuse me, you- really do that? I didn't know you could make those kind of connections yet.
I 've been to Red Lobster once. It was.. memorable, I guess. I'll have to tell you about it sometime.. I mean, your mom. I guess you can hear, since you can't really repeat it. ~kt

Anonymous said...
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