Saturday, July 29, 2006

not afraid

so, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber came to this bookstore the other day! i thought it was a pretty neat coincidence that they were just passing through the area and very nice of them to hang out and hug kids for an hour. we waited in line for a long time, and a bunch of kids cried and freaked out. i thought maybe Bob or Larry were pinching them or something, but mostly i was more curious than afraid. we got to the front of the line, and mom said to go hug Bob and Larry. they were a lot bigger than i thought, but it was not really scary or anything like that. i took an extra long look at Larry, because he wanted me to give him five, on the side, just like dad. maybe it is a common thing. neither of them pinched me, and i was glad about that. then we got some candy and waited around a while, because mom said dad would be done working soon. she said she was super proud of me for not being afraid. i am not sure why that warranted super proudness, but i will take it!

before long, dad came out of a room in the back of the bookstore, and he was really really sweaty. i guess maybe they were playing catch back there in the back or riding exercise bikes. mom asked him what it was like. dad said it was one of the weirder experiences of his life, seeing all those kids through this weird little dark window, and about 25% of them being completely terrified of him. so i guess maybe he was watching from a room in the back? and that is what the kids were afraid of? i am mostly confused. and mildly suspicious.

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kt said...

Lol, that is so cool that you got to see the Veggies! I just got your family's newsletter, it was great. great photo of you. Whew, I'm beat. We just got back from TX on vacation. It's the kind of beat where you wish your body was tired, but it's not , cause you rode in a car all day. But it's time for bed. You know what I mean, Sam?