Wednesday, August 16, 2006


did you ever notice that the bottom of your nose, around the holes, is like an M? trace it with your finger. it is. i was riding in the car the other day and discovered this and forgot to tell you.

oh. also, i am going to have a baby sister. they used to ask me whether i wanted a brother or a sister. i said brother. now they tell me it is a sister. when did i stop getting to choose? i am confused.

here she is! we saw her on TV.


Anonymous said...

Sam...that is so ingenious of you to figure out that M is like a nose! How smart you are!!! And that is extra exciting that you are going to have a little will have to let her play with Margie's little girl too...what fun you will have Big Brother :)---katy

kt said...

don't worry sam even grownups get it wrong sometimes! My friend just had a baby and they didn't even find out if it was gonna be a boy or girl before hand! Lol, I'm gonna know in advance for sure!