Sunday, October 04, 2009


aaaaand, these are some pictures my mom took. did i mention that we had a good time? i could live there.

my favorite rides were test track and big thunder mountain. in case you are unfamiliar with disney rides, big thunder mountain is a roller coaster. my favorite ride is a roller coaster. i am getting to be pretty much the bravest.

i'm also getting really strong. strong enough to hold the ball at epcot. but not quite strong enough to pull the sword out of the stone. maybe next time. bethie said that epcot ball (it is really the Mission Space ride) is the biggest ball she's ever seen in her whole life. i told her that's not true; the sun is.

also, the tomorrowland transit authority opened back up the last day we were there, so we got to ride it!

man, that was a fun trip. at the very end, before we came home, mom and dad let me put the new antenna topper on. it is a mickey mouse ice cream bar with a bite out of it. probably our best one yet!

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