Wednesday, November 04, 2009


My mom and I went to the Halloween store, and I saw this awesome two-handed axe. Mom said I could only get it if it was part of my halloween costume. SO, i was an orc warrior for halloween. I was thinking about the orcs from world of warcraft, but then i watched the lord of the rings with daddy, and i wanted to be an orc from LOtR instead. I kind of ended up being a mix. I wanted mom to make me a helm that looked like samwise's helm from when he and frodo went to mordor and had to wear orc armor as disguises. The symbol on my tunic is the horde symbol from world of warcraft. I had cool arm greaves and shoulders, and leg greaves, and a cape. I helped amber paint the belt so it looked old.

Anyway, i think i make a pretty cool orc. i didn't like wearing the teeth, though. they made me drool a lot.
First we went to trunk or treat at church, and then my dad took me trick or treating on my street for the first time. There was one house that was really scary. The zombie crawling around on the ground looked way scarier in someone's dark yard than it did in the Halloween Express.

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Carl Burgers said...

Best orc ever.