Monday, July 23, 2007

summer summer summer

last week we drove all over the place and saw people and did stuff!

we went to see my cousins again in oklahoma. we swam in the pool and rode the four wheeler, and we even saw a tarantula on the porch! it was a crazy time and a fun time, and i really want to go back soon.

then we went to see my grandpa who has a boat. we went out on the boat of course, which is always a good time. i remembered to wave at all the boats that went past us, but i did not dance very much this time. mom and dad failed to put my sunscreen on correctly, so i have a big stripe on my face. they are pretty sad about it, but it doesn't hurt that much. i did a good job dunking my head in the water. dad made me, and i did not want to do it, but now i am pretty proud of myself.

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