Friday, December 31, 2004

worst night ever

tonight i BROKE my lip. so, i told you i have been walking a lot, right? well, this time i guess it was a mistake, because i fell down. the couch hits my face, and my lip hits my teeth, and blood comes out. daddy was sad, i was sad. mom was not here, but dad cleaned me up and put a cold, cold cloth on my lip. i think there was something freezing in the cloth, and it made me laugh because it tickled my face. at least i can laugh about it. i don't think dad can laugh about it yet. maybe tomorrow.

but on top of that, more teeth are coming in and it makes my nose run and my ears itch, and my lip already hurts. mom gave me some gooey grapey stuff, and i magically started to feel a little better, but man. it's been a rough night.

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margie said...

poor guy. good thing your mom and dad are so good to you, bud. hang in there, and you can have a cookie when you come over next!