Monday, December 27, 2004

okay. so elmo maybe isn't out to get me.

i think he's an okay guy. a spaz, but okay.

today we went down to my other grandma and papa's house. i got to do lots of stuff like pull ornaments off of the tree and pet a cat. those are good times, when you can pet a cat.

also they all sat around and begged me to walk, so i obliged a bit. i am definitely getting better at it, and i think that soon i will be able to pretty much get into everything. the first thing on my list is the refrigerator. that is where the food goes, when i am not eating it, apparently!

grandma and papa bought me some little green papers for Christmas, and mom got kind of excited. she said she wants to take me to toys r us tomorrow, where we will give them the paper, and they will give us more presents. is every day Christmas, or what?

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