Sunday, December 26, 2004


so this year i sorta understand what is going on. although lacking somewhat in motor skills, i manage to tear a little bit of paper off of the boxes. my favorite things are the bows, but i had torn them all off days ago and scattered them around grandma and pappy's living room, so alas, no bows for me on Christmas morning. oh well.

so, i'm tearing the paper like they showed me, and realization strikes. holy cow! the paper is not actually the present. the paper is just covering the present! so really, it's two presents in one. three, if you count the bow too. man. what will those crazy cats come up with next?!

i'm a little confused about which day Christmas actually is, since we open said presents the day before. my cousins all show up, and they don't even kiss me too much. i am not used to lots of commotion and other kids around! well, there's dad, but i'm used to his shenanigans. anyway, we have a good time, although i think daniel is not feeling very good. poor kid. it must be hard being only 10.5 months old. and to have a sinus infection on top of that.

the next morning, (real Christmas?) mom and dad have some big old socks sitting there when i wake up. turns out, there is lots of stuff inside the socks! i get some fruit snacks, but no matter how many times i point at the fruit snacks, they only let me eat two packs. (note to self: there are still four more packs somewhere! where??!)

also in the big sock is this crazy, spastic elmo. i am not too sure he means well. i think i will keep an eye on him for a while.

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