Monday, April 09, 2007

silver dollar silly!

i mean "city," not "silly." but sometimes i say "silly," and that is silly!

we all went there to silver dollar CITY the other day. it was so cold, but we got bundled up and had some good times anyway!

we rode lots of rides. well, elisabeth only rode the train.
the train was good, but not the one where you went down the hill (fire in the hole!), because i was a little bit afraid of it. the lady bugs are my favorite because they do not jump around and do crazy stuff. they just go in a circle kinda fast. also there was a big giant fort with a lot of balls. and a boat ride where you shoot targets on people. i got 1800 points in that game, because i am pretty good. i liked the teacups until they started spinning way too fast. mom rode that one with me, and she does not know how to keep it from spinning, like daddy does.

it was world fest when we went, which means there is stuff there from lots of different places. we watched some dancers from scotland and ireland. and i learned sudoku! also, there is a bridge there named after us. we let other people use it, though, if they need to walk across.

on the way home from branson, i threw up in the van. it was the first time i have ever done that, and mom and dad say they hope i am not going to get carsick a lot. i think they meant "vansick," but i get the point. yuck.

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