Monday, August 29, 2005


i really should post a lot more, because interesting things are always happening to me.

a couple of weeks ago, my friends jessica and felicia and mom and i went a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong long long time in the car to see our friend amber. she is the one who gave me the drum and drumsticks and calls me samwise, which is definitely my favorite name. she lives in Colorado, where there are lots of mountains and stores with different names than here (although we still somehow ended up at hobby lobby - go figure).

while i did get really tired of the car after a while, it was definitely worth the trip. we laughed a whole lot, and i got some good reading time in there. green eggs and ham is my favorite, by the way, and i recommend it to everyone. i got tons of attention, and my best trick at this point is sticking my fingers in my nose a lot. it is good for a lot of laughs.

we went to a flea market which turned out not to have any fleas, but they did have lots of fruit and clothes, and sunglasses, and random things, and my new ball. we also went to a place higher in the mountains that had my favorite of all things, ever. a creek with rocks. man, did i throw some rocks in the creek. they were different rocks than we have here. very good for creek throwing.

also on the trip i learned one really good piece of advice to pass along. it feels weird and mostly unpleasant to lick one of the rectangle-shaped batteries. there was one sitting on a table at amber's house, and i saw it there and thought, "hey, i think i will lick that." i am not really sure why. but i probably will not do it again anytime soon. for some reason, mom kept trying to get felicia to lick it too, but she would not do it. this was a wise move, and i told her so.

the only problem with taking a trip is that not everyone can go. dad had to stay home. something about work. and then when we came back, amber stayed there. and we dropped off felicia and jessica in fayetteville. i wish all my favorite people were in one place.


jessa said...

i have been waiting for this post Sam. i miss you and your mom! hope we can spend 18 hours together again sometime.

effie said...

in my experience, if lisa and amber want you to do something REAL bad, like lick a battery, it's really a better choice to avoid doing that very thing. i'm glad to see sam agrees. and yes- i agree that being in the same place would be ideal- let's start a commune- how fun would that be. A commune based on crafty fun- what could be better?

AK said...

mmmm...hobby lobby...I spend way too much time there...wait, I work there...oh, well.

You should visit Fayetteville, really!

amber said...

licking a 9 volt battery is a rite of passage, we just want you to live, effie.
also, i was waiting for your post on how much fun you had here with me. good job coming through, although it took a while. you have your mothers procrastinating tendencies. watch out.
DRUMS FOREVER. keep practicing.