Friday, June 10, 2005

this week

so, this week i went to my very first church camp. mom and dad say, "sam, it is time to go to church camp!" and i run around and play with stuff while they pack up all my stuff. (i hope that this will happen long after it is no longer necessary. i mean, packing does not look like fun.)
anyhow, the camp is full of high school big kids, who love me. sorry, it is hard to be modest when really you just want to tell the truth.
we swim, we sing, we eat. i have at least 15 new scrapes or bruises. here are the stories of a couple of them:
i am running with a roll of tape in my hand, and i fall down, and my finger scrapes the ground under the tape, and a piece of skin comes off, and it bleeds a little bit. it does not hurt that bad, and dad puts this brown sticker over my ouchie! i think he called it a bandade or something.
i also have two skinned knees. these are from backing into the swimming pool on my knees over and over. see, it is a little scary to walk around in the pool, because sometimes you slip and fall and your face goes down in the water (i know this from experience). and so it is more fun and makes you a little less nervous if you just climb in and out of the pool for a half an hour. i did get it down to an art. i would rather have skinned knees than the chipped teeth that my friend JT got. he fell with his face in the water too, and his mom grabbed him, and he fell again, and his teeth hit the side of the pool. he cried a whole lot, but i think he is okay now.

something else fun we did was go to the place with all the animals. we drove in the car, and these big old crazy looking birds and deers and donkeys and monkeys kept looking at us through the windows. the donkey even put nose mucous on the window, and the big cow with big horns tried to rip off the antenna. that was a good time. at the end of the driving, i got to get out and pet some goats and a pig or two! petting the pig felt like petting my toothbrush, but the goat was nice.

i have some pictures to show you!

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effie said...

some words to make you more wise: little goats are ALWAYS nice, big goats are NOT always nice. donkey mucous is NOT a car cleaning agent. some compliments: this post was admirable and perfect on many levels. and i am a good source- i'm a librarian.