Saturday, June 18, 2005

two new and exciting discoveries!

ketchup makes everything taste better. everything! one day, dad and i go to the mall to shop for something for mom. we stop to grab a bite to eat at the food court, and dad gets some french fries. mmm, fries!! i notice that he is sticking the french fries down into some red sauce before he eats them, and so i ask if i can please try some. i do try it, and it is wonderful! now i eat ketchup on green beans! i eat it on mandarin oranges! i eat it on lemons! i delicately dip them into the ketchup, and the dipping is half of the fun. sometimes if i do not have any mandarin oranges or french fries or toast to dip into the ketchup, my fingers work just fine too.
hooray for ketchup!

another fun thing to dip stuff into is the air vents on the floor at my grandma and pappy's house. spoons are just perfect for dipping in there, except that i am not quite sure how to get them out once they go in. i do not think mom or dad or grandma or pappy are either. i managed to get four spoons into the vent, but the nutcracker would not fit. i will try harder next time.

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Anonymous said...

sam, ask your mom when she'll have someone else's nuk around for you to dip in ketchup. go on, ask her. she'll know what you're talking about.