Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things i like about my dad

he tells me stories, like x-men.

we play dungeons and dragons together.

he plays the good night song on the keyboard at bedtime.

he carries me like a different sack (sack of potatoes, rice sack, chicken sack, etc.) every night before bed.

he does horsey.

he does, "sam has a friend named DORTH!" and it's super funny.

he makes characters to play world of warcraft with me. i play inklybob, and daddy plays beffy. he's 22 or 23, and i'm 19.

he takes me to the library to get new books.

i like it when he takes me to the mall and cici's pizza.

i like him more than everyone except mommy. i love him the same as mommy.

i made this shirt in honor of fathers' day. it has a picture of his character, armpitblade, who's level 74.

happy fathers' day to dad and pappy and grandpa and papa!

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