Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the joy of mobility

so walking around will really wear a guy out.

i have been practicing a lot lately, and i am getting really good, if i do say so myself.
i can squat down and pick something up, then stand up again without even holding onto stuff! just now, for instance, i found a pack of raisins i had conveniently dropped earlier (on accident?....hmm, you decide) , bent down to get it, stood right back up, walked over to mom, handed her the raisins and said "good!" (good seems to be the only word she understands) so that she would open them for me. and she did. mmmm, raisins. we just might see those again later, but that is way off subject.
now that i am getting the hang of it, i can see that the possibilities may just be endless. in no time at all,
i will run
i will climb
i will more readily reach things i am not supposed to

gosh. just thinking of it makes me pretty happy. also tired.

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Rhonda said...

Sam! Aunty Rhonda is so proud of you! I plan on sending you pictures from Colorado soon. I Love you!