Friday, January 14, 2005

so close yet so far

did you know that there is a piece of glass between you and the people in the tv?

tonight i get a big old handful of honey maid graham crackers out of the box. mom and dad laugh because i get about three big ones out and try eating them all at once. then dad takes away all but one little cracker. i decide that even though i only have one, i would like to share it with buddy, the elf in the tv. i put the cracker up there, but it just makes a tapping sound and bounces off again and again. poor buddy, behind the glass. i bet he is hungry. maybe if i put the cracker in the black box next to the tv, he can get it that way?

1 comment:

amber said...

that is also a good place for pbandj sandwiches...
but i guess that wont be until you're a bit older...dont worry, i'll remind you. :D