Saturday, January 08, 2005

home again i need a nap

gosh, i was in the car i think for about 5 million hours. i am not for sure, though. maybe more.

mom and dad and i went to colorado with a bunch of big kids and another guy that i like to think of as unky tim. he makes me laugh and gives me his reeses pieces and lets me drive the big van. that is a good time, when you can drive a van. i steered this way and that way, and all the kids laughed and maybe were a little scared, but i had it under control.

the snow was pretty and the drive was long and it was cold! i have already been to colorado, but it was last year when i was just a little baby, so i don't really remember it. mom packed me into my snow clothes, and we went outside for a little bit. i like the way the snow sounds crunchy under your feet out there and how steam comes out your mouth when you breath. mom even let me taste a little snow, and i know it was okay to eat because she said the white kind was the good stuff. (it was white.)

i also like when all the college kids pay attention to me and make faces and stuff. they are pretty cool, and it is fun to make them look goofy. elmo is my new best friend, and boy is he a good friend to have with you in the car! elmo is so giggly! i don't know if the college kids like him too much. i think maybe they are jealous, because they threatened to throw him out of the window a couple times. i held onto him, though. me and elmo gotta stick together.

i also got to see aunty rhonda, cause she came to visit while mom and dad were busy falling down the mountain. well, i think dad slid down on some sticks, and mom fell. she seems to be alright after all the falling. i don't know why anyone would want to fall down a mountain on purpose but maybe that is not how skiing is supposed to work. anyway, i hung out in the warm lodge with some of the big kids and rhonda, and we saw a guy dressed real funny and rhonda made me laugh and let me eat a grilled cheese. i hope i get to see her again soon, cause she feeds me good stuff and dances with me!

*yawn* i am tired after all that driving and riding and entertaining the big kids. more later.

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