Monday, February 26, 2007

do not hold sugar by the neck!

we went to see grandma and papa and mine aunt michelle for a few days, and it was a good time. we ate green beans and shrimp and "okla" (or was it broccoli?) and something called "yasanla." this is apparently michelle's favorite. we also played basketball in the yard and rode my new bike and drove to the gas station in the rain and watched cartoons.

this is sugar, my grandma and papa's dog. she is a schnauzer. she is pretty cute, except for when she barks. i request that she be put in her room when she starts yapping, because it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too loud.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sam! You are just too cute---gotta tell ya! So, are you going to be a basketball player or will Mom have a glove on you before too long??? ---katy