Tuesday, December 27, 2005

oh man, this is the life!

so, i went to disney world. people ask if it is everything everyone says it is. let me tell you, it is the real deal. i got to ride the dumbo ride, and peter pan, and snow white, and tour the haunted mansion and take a trip through time and space and walk around in an aquarium... it is too much to even try to describe, really. it wore me out. i am still tired.
oh! here is a funny story. we are walking around in the japan store at epcot. i am kind of really tired of the stroller and being awake, and i am kind of being fussy. i can tell the girl at the counter really likes me, because she smiles really big and says, "Oh! please don't cry!" she has a funny accent and is pretty and smiles a lot, so i do not cry. dad buys pockys, and the day is suddenly brighter. wait, there was supposed to be a funny part! dad overheard two other japanese girls at the store talking. he says he knows about five words in japanese, and one of them is "ka-wa-i."
a girl pointed me out to the other girl and said that i was "ka-wa-i." this means cute.
i think we should live at disney world.

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Anonymous said...

sam, it looks like you had fun at disney world! that is big boy stuff- way to go!!! and you look pretty good in the hats---katy