Monday, July 11, 2005

my new favorite hobbies

so i really like to throw stuff.

a few days ago or last week or sometime, mom and i walk down to the pond where the ducks swim around. we get real close to the side, and something big goes in the water and splashes. mom says this must have been a big old frog, but i will believe it when i see it. anyhow, we walk right up to the edge and sit down. mom picks up a rock and throws it in the water. i pick up a rock and throw it in the water. then another. and another. and another. before you know it, it is a long time later and there are no more rocks around us to throw in the water. the ducks swim up and get all excited. i think they think we are throwing bread again. i do not throw the bread anyway; i eat it. so i hope they did not get their hopes up too high. we have been back two other times to do this, and always it is so much fun that i do not want to leave.

today, i figure out what mom wants when she says "sam, throw me the ball!" she wants me to throw it to her so that then she can throw it to me and then i can throw it to her and then she can throw it to me again! this game is genius.

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T-rev said...

wow, you're an athlete now!