Tuesday, January 10, 2006

3 feet tall.

so today, we saw the doctor. do not worry; it was just a check-up to see if i am growing and can talk. good news! i am and can. i am three feet tall now. i think this is why people always ask mom if i am three years old. should i be two feet tall, since i am two? i like being tall, but i think mom and dad are too short for their ages.

mom has stopped keeping track of the words i say on the calendar, because she was running out of room. i have moved along to sentences, since the words themselves were not really as earth shattering anymore. still, they can not completely understand me. i find this frustrating, but they are getting better at it.

daddy is sick. he has to go to the bathroom a lot. good thing i wear diapers, so if i catch it i do not have to sit in the bathroom all day. unfortunately, they do not have anything for you to wear on your face and catch barf. maybe someday i will invent that!

i will put some pictures from the ski trip on here soon!

1 comment:

Holly said...

2 more feet to go to catch up to me! Just a matter of time!