Wednesday, January 16, 2008


i go to preschool now, every day, and i love it. i wake up in the morning and find mom and tell her that i need to go to school. and she takes me there. and it is a good time. the first day i was a little overwhelmed at first, as you can maybe see in this picture. it is because i did not know what was going on.

my teachers are named miss polar (mom says it is actually "paula," but i prefer 'polar') and miss wendy. they read us stories and teach us stuff, and miss polar does not want us to get up off of our cots at naptime. it is weird that i have to go to sleep without any stories about the hobbit or anything. i told miss polar that my dad tells me hobbit stories. she looked at me kinda weird, so i doubt she knows what the hobbit is. she is pretty nice, though.

yesterday i only ate the orange for lunch. i did not like the soup. mom says next time i should try the soup before i decide not to eat it. so i was hungry when i got home and i ate all my dinner without too much prodding.

there is a boy named tanner there, and he likes me and i like him. i like every kid in the whole world. and i like mom and dad and elisabeth. when mom picked me up yesterday, calen told her that he is strong and i am strong, and that i am gigantic. it is true that i am taller than everyone in my class. i am also older than most of them because my birthday is in november.

these are pictures from my first day. i got dressed by myself! and mom says it is traditional in her family to take a picture outside on the first day of school every year.

anyway, it is lots of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Sam- I am so proud of you for liking school :) That is a big step---way to go! You will be amazing those teachers in no time at all! -Katy