Friday, September 05, 2008


today, mom picked me up at my school. i was outside playing on the playground, and i did not really want to go home yet, until mom told me there was a super surprise at home for me: a pet! i asked what it was, but she would not tell. i said, "is it a monkey??" and she laughed pretty hard. i went and told ms. charlotte and also my friend destiny that i had a pet waiting for me at home.

turns out, it is not a monkey, but still pretty cool. it is a little bitty hamster, and i named her amy. mom and britney found her today at a yard sale. she is only about 6 or 8 weeks old. when she gets to be 48 months old, she will be huge, like my dad. mom said that is not true, but i will wait and see. she is a dwarf hamster, and she is still too small to make the exercise ball roll around. mom said that i can NOT make the ball roll for her. i helped clean the cage out and i put the bedding in there and also some food. amy looks super cute when she holds her food between her feet and nibbles on it. she is going to live in my room!

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jess said...

amy is CUTE! sam..when we were little we had hamsters and my sister got to name them and named them things like CINDY AND ABBY. so i'm happy to hear that your hamster is AMY :)

can't wait to meet her! excited for you!